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Murphy Lab - Software - PLoS ONE Active Learning of Biological Responses

The software and data used for

A. W. Naik, J. D. Kangas, C. J. Langmead and R. F. Murphy (2013) Efficient Modeling and Active Learning Discovery of Biological Responses. PLoS ONE 8: e83996.
consists of two parts.
  • The (i) analysis software, (ii) synthetic data generated for various models of drug:target responses, (iii) selected subset of data from the Connectivity Map project, and (iv) simulations using random choice or active learning to chose samples for constructing models, are available under a GPL license here

  • The software for the Greedy Merge and B-Clustering active learning methods described in the paper is available under a noncommercial, academic license agreement. Requests should be sent to murphy@cmu.edu.

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