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Murphy Lab - Software - PatternUnmixer 2.0

PatternUnmixer (formerly called PUnmix) learns a model of fundamental subcellular patterns using user-specified images of "pure" subcellular patterns (e.g., lysosomes, endosomes) and then uses that model to calculate the fraction of probe in each subcellular compartment for images containing mixed patterns. It implements the approach described in
T. Zhao, M. Velliste, M.V. Boland, and R.F. Murphy (2005). Object Type Recognition for Automated Analysis of Protein Subcellular Location. IEEE Trans. Image Proc. 14:1351-1359. as extended in
T. Peng, G.M.C. Bonamy, E. Glory, D. Rines, S. K. Chanda, and R. F. Murphy (2010) Automated Unmixing Of Subcellular Patterns: Determining the Distribution of Probes Between Different Subcellular Locations. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 107:2944-2949.

To report bugs, suggest additions, or request inclusion on the mailing list to receive notices of updates, please send mail to murphy@cmu.edu.

Matlab source code (12.8 MB)

Test images (81.3 MB)

Compiled versions for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows available soon!

Previous version (PUnmix v1.0)

Last Updated: 09 Jan 2019

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