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Murphy Lab - Software - Bioinformatics 2007 Yeast

The data and software used for the following paper can be downloaded below:

S.-C. Chen, T. Zhao, G. J. Gordon, and R. F. Murphy (2007). Automated Image Analysis of Protein Localization in Budding Yeast. Bioinformatics 23:i66-i71.

The Matlab code can be downloaded as a 4.5 MB zip file here. It contains a README file containing instructions for downloading the primary data from http://yeastgfp.ucsf.edu (including a Perl script that will do the download) and for running the analyses.

The intermediate results files that are generated by the code and then used to generate the figures can be downloaded here as a 136 MB zip file. To use it, unzip it under the directory containing the Matlab code and primary data. The figures can then be generated using the makedata8.m script.

System requirements

The scripts were written for Matlab on Linux, version 7.0 or above. The statistics toolbox and image processing toolbox for Matlab are also required.

Tools created by others that are included in the code distribution for convenience

Last Updated: 28 Mar 2008

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