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Murphy Lab - Software - Bioinformatics 2011

The software and data used for the following paper can be downloaded below:

C. Jackson, E. Glory, R. F. Murphy and J. Kovacevic (2011) Model building and intelligent acquisition with application to protein subcellular location classification. Bioinformatics, in press.

The data and code are contained in .tgz files (tar archives created with the -z option):

File Link
Source Code (3.6Mb) Link
Data (69Gb) Link
Download script (8Kb) Link

Option 1: Recreate all results from the original data

  • Download the dataset (see link above) and source code.
  • Unzip the contents of the source and edit runthis to point to the location of the raw data. (You can see a full explanation on how to run this code in the README.docx file).
  • Run runthis.m on Matlab to produce the tables and figures in the paper.

System requirements

  • Matlab

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