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Murphy Lab - Software - Cytometry Part A

The software and data used for the following paper can be downloaded below:

A. Shariff, G. K. Rohde and R. F. Murphy (2010) A Generative Model of Microtubule Distributions, and Indirect Estimation of its Parameters from Fluorescence Microscopy Images. Cytometry Part A 77A:457-466.

The data and code are contained in .tgz files:

Source Code 250K
Intermediate Results 12Gb
Data 7.5Gb

Generating the Figures from the Article

From Intermediate Results

To generate the figures using the intermediate results, download the intermediate results from the link above. To concatenate and untar type in the command line
cat intermediate_results.tgza* > intermediate_results.tgz
tar -xf intermediate_results.tgz

Move the contents of this folder into the source code folder and run masterscript from within Matlab.

From Raw Data

To generate the figures using raw data, download the image collection from the link above. Extract the images and move the contents of this folder into the source code folder. Then run masterscript from within Matlab.


This package has been tested in the following Matlab versions.
Linux x64 Windows 7 MacOSX
Matlab 2010a x
Matlab 2010b

System requirements

  • Matlab

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