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Murphy Lab - Protocols - Flow Cytometry - Multivariate Analysis


The information in this page is supplemental to the protocols found in:
  • Michael V. Boland and Robert F. Murphy (1998). "Multivariate Analysis" in Current Protocols in Cytometry. John Wiley & Sons.

Data Files

llb08.fcs 402944 Bytes FCS file used for examples in the protocol. 50176 events, 4 parameters.
llb08.txt 852992 Bytes Text version of the llb08.fcs file.
llb08s30.fcs 243200 Bytes Shortened version (30,208 events) of llb08.fcs for use with Autoklus.

S-Plus Functions

factorial() IMPORTANT: factorial() is needed by dotplotall() and plotall2d(). Make sure to download this file and install it before using these other functions
dotplotall() S-Plus function to plot all pairs of parameters, showing each cluster as a single color. The output is similar to Autoklus.
plotall2d() Generate contour plots for all pairs of parameters.
plotkmeans() Useful for generating contour plots where the clusters are plotted one at a time using the same two parameters.

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