Workshop Discussion Report - Flow Cytometry Standard Practices: Sorting and Compensation

Tenth Cytometry Development Workshop
October 1-5, 2000
Asilomar Conference Grounds
Pacific Grove, California, USA


The participants agreed that there is a need for a better source of tutorial information on theoretically-expected results from sorting. It was agreed that Howard Shapiro will collect information on this subject from participants, draft a document and send it out for comment. Ger van den Engh will review the theory for accuracy. The resulting document will be included in the next edition of Practical Flow Cytometry, and other publication or web sites will be determined at a later date.


The participants agreed that there is a need for better education of flow users regarding correct multicolor compensation. The theory is well known but it is not easy for the general user to understand. Good tutorial articles have been published by Mario Roederer and Carleton Stewart. Jim Wood is currently preparing a tutorial article emphasizing implications of log amplifiers for correct compensation.


The participants recommend that the Cytometry Editorial Board consider including instructions regarding correct compensation in the Instructions for Authors.